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Written by David

Unlimited Graphic Design Services

Unlimited graphic designs services have become more and more common. Choosing the right service to partner with will provide great value to any company not ready to commit to a full-time designer—but is ready to stop fiddling with free graphic design tools.

For the longest time graphic design was a premium service but with the arrival of do-it-yourself graphic tools, design and illustration has become a commodity.

Just because you can create your own business graphics doesn’t mean you should. If you’re not an experienced graphic designer you could actually do more harm to your brand than good when you try to be a business owner and graphic designer.

Unlimited graphic design is a double-edged sword. On one side, you can spend a few hundred dollars each month to get unlimited graphics sent to you within 24-48 hours (in most cases). On the other side, this small step up in design may be a giant step up for your company, however, it doesn’t mean that the design will do any better promoting and marketing your brand.

In this post you will discover exactly what you need to know about unlimited graphic design services, how to ensure you get the most for your money, and go through a roundup of options, evaluating the pros and cons of each service (as represented by the features and pricing on their website).

What You Need to Know About Unlimited Graphic Design

Does unlimited really mean unlimited? Yes and no. When a company offers unlimited design, what they are really offering is unlimited design at a rate of one design at a time. This means that if you request 10 project designs at one time, any work done on the second design will only begin after work is completed and approved for the first design.

You can request 200 designs in one month, but depending on the speed of the service, the complexity of the project, and number of revisions needed, you may only expect to receive 10-30 designs in one month.

This limit on unlimited design provides a method for different companies to differentiate themselves from competitors as well as differentiate their own pricing tiers. For those services that offer multiple pricing options, you can expect to receive multiple tasks at one time.

While the service is technically unlimited, the production you can expect will not be.

The Difference Between Graphic Design vs Graphic Production

This flood of unlimited graphic design services launching since 2015 has underscored the need to know the difference between graphic design and graphic production.

So, what is the difference?

Graphic design is the art of strategically combining color, shape, depth, texture, text, and photo into a visual representation of what you want to say to the world. The key word in the previous statement is strategically.

Today, anyone can use free graphic design tools or inexpensive illustration programs to produce graphics of all types. This is where we get to graphic production.

Graphic production is the process of arbitrarily combining design elements to produce a graphic that fulfills a request. Instead of designing with the end goal of effective communication, graphic production is designing with the end goal of producing a graphic.

Graphic design is the art of strategically combining color, shape, depth, texture, text, and photo into a visual that communicates a message. Graphic production is the process of arbitrarily combining design elements to produce a graphic that fulfills a request.

When choosing an unlimited graphic service it is important that you understand there is a good likelihood you are going to be receiving a graphic production service – not true graphic design.

At Campaign Donut, we’ve noticed that the quality of the final design depends less on the company you choose to go with and more upon the designer you are paired with. In addition, you can expect a higher quality final design if you provide a higher quality design request to your designer.

If your designer understands design tools, pays attention to detail, and you can provide them with a clear set of instructions you can expect a greater level of satisfaction in the end results.

Unlimited Design Service Turnaround Time

Being paired up with a skilled designer is imperative for success when using any unlimited graphic production service.

The second most important element to success is turnaround time for your requests. The faster you can expect your design request to be fulfilled, the faster you can provide feedback. The faster you can provide feedback the faster you can expect to receive your finished design. Obviously, a faster turnaround means more designs per month.

As you evaluate different services you’ll discover that it is pretty standard to see a promised turnaround time of 24 hours to three days. Don’t be surprised to find some services list their turnaround time as long as five days.

As much as a 24 hour turnaround time sounds great, our experience shows that you really shouldn’t expect consistent 24 hour turnaround unless the following criteria is met:

  • The request is for a simple, single image (social media, article featured image)
  • You have provided clear instructions for the designer to follow
  • The design service queue is not backed up
  • Your request is not coming just before the weekend

In the world of unlimited graphic design services your best approach should be to consider a 24 hour turnaround for a perfect design to be the exception – not the norm.

Even though unlimited graphic services will advertise 24-hour turnaround, you rarely will get a finished and ready-to-use graphic in 24 hours. Be prepared to wait 48-72 hours for a final product that you can use.

Evaluating A Graphic Design Service Portfolio

If you’ve given any thought to paying for unlimited graphic design, you’ve probably gone straight to look at each individual service’s portfolio.

Reviewing the portfolio of each unlimited graphic design service you are considering is very important. The portfolio gives you an idea of what you can expect in your designs. There are several things you want to pay attention to in the portfolio examples.

Are the Designs Original Or Do They Have A Stock Feel?

Prior to the rise of unlimited graphic design services was the rise of graphic templates. A large collection of graphic template sites popped up, providing you with a Photoshop file for a logo, flyer, quote graphic, handout, presentation graphic, and many other popular graphic elements.

Six graphic design stock templates of people illustrations.
Many graphic design services utilize stock imagery and designs. This is okay, just make sure that your end design matches your style, not a template or stock style.

Our team has actually purchased and used many of these templates over time.

In exploring the portfolios of each service, it has been a common occurance to notice popular templates from these graphic template stores appear in the portfolios of individual unlimited graphic design services.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing — templates are actually quite helpful, especially when you don’t want to (or need to) create a specific element from scratch.

The thing you want to pay attention to when exploring these service portfolios, is do the individual graphics feel like they are unique and original to the companies they are representing or do they feel like that have a generic sheen over the top?

It is OKAY for any designer to use graphic templates. Product mockups alone could take hours, if not days, to build from scratch. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the various styling of the service before you buy in.

Do the Colors In the Design Compliment Each Other?

Color matching is pretty easy for graphic designers because when they are working with businesses that have a set of colors assigned to their brand.

As you look through service portfolios, If you notice odd color combinations or color combinations that are weird that is a very good sign that an individual service it may not be the service for you. These are examples of ‘their best work’ and if they can’t get color schemes right, it’s further evidence that you’re not getting design.

Six-option color palette for Campaign Donut.
This is the first color palette we used at Campaign Donut. Selecting a collection of complementary colors makes it easier for your designer to keep graphics on-brand.

Look for Proper Spacing and White Space

The spacing of a particular design will tell you a lot about the quality of designers who will be working on your projects.

  • Is everything crammed into the graphic leaving it to feel like there isn’t any room to breath?
  • Are you able to discern what the main focus of the graphic should be?
  • Are elements pushed all the way to the sides of the graphic, almost feeling like they’ve been cut off?
  • If it’s a flyer or a brochure, is there room on the sides for cutting into full bleed?

The team at Campaign Donut has used several unlimited design services and finding a service with designers who understand spacing – particularly margins, bleed, and overall print spacing – has been one of the biggest frustrations.

If you see any spacing that looks weird in their portfolio, take that into consideration when making your decision. Should you go forward with an unlimited design service, be sure to specify for proper spacing.

A graphic with poor use of spacing and no breathing room around the sides of the design—feels crammed.
One of the most important aspects of design is spacing. Professional designers will automatically build this spacing into their designs, whereas someone who is trying to produce a graphic will often forget to leave breathing room.

Using A Graphic Design Request Checklist

Because most of the unlimited graphic design services are actually more about graphic production, the way you organize and word your graphic request matters.

There is a good chance that the person fielding your request will not be located in the United States and, furthermore, they will natively speak your language. There will be lots of room for miscommunication and misinterpretation and having clear communications written down will go a long way to helping you get the most out of your designer.

There is already a large communication gap between those requesting graphic design and those producing the design. It’s the same type of communication gap that exists between doctors and patients or investment advisors and clients. Professionals in their field will have a series of questions combined with exercises to help learn about your desired end result. Professional graphic designers are very similar.

Solo Business

One Brand
Unlimited Users



Limited Time Only!
Launch Pricing


Up to Ten Brands
Unlimited Users



Limited Time Only!
Launch Pricing

At Campaign Donut, when we were going through the process of designing our brand and logo, the illustrator we worked with helped our team articulate what we wanted through questions, surveys, and providing examples. These steps helped us communicate to the illustrator in illustration terms.

It is never a bad idea to have a standardized way of requesting design work, whether from an inhouse employee. It is definitely a necessity when working with a designer assigned to you through an unlimited graphic design service.

Creating a graphic design request checklist is a very easy way to ensure you cover all your basis in your request and minimize the potential of being frustrated or disappointed with initial returns on your design.

How to Create A Graphic Design Request Checklist

Creating your form doesn’t need to be complicated. It also does not need to be a one and done proposition. After you begin to use your form, you can add new elements as you discover need. For instance, if you want to edit the graphic later but the designer used fonts that are not free to download, you may want to add a point in your request checklist to “Use only free and publicly available fonts.”

Our team employs full-time graphic designers, however, we continue to use unlimited design services for smaller items below is a list of what we have included in our request checklist.

  • What Are We Creating (Facebook post, brochure, logo, infographic etc)
  • Project Title
  • Description of Work
  • Design Dimensions (What is the size of this design?)
  • What software should be used?
  • Deliverables (What file type is the final design? JPG, PNG, etc.)
  • Brand Colors (What colors should be used?)

In addition to providing the details above, you’ll also want to provide visual examples for the designer to follow and gain a clearer picture of what you believe a finished product should look like.

At Campaign Donut, we provide visual style examples and example files.

  • Visual Style Examples — Examples of your brand’s visual style applied to various graphics. Share visuals that contain your brand colors, logo, and design elements.
  • Example Files — Examples for the designer to better understand your project request. These examples can be from other brands as long as they provide a clear direction for what you want in your final design.

Diligently providing these details (and any others that may pertain to your specific project or unique brand) will increase the chances you get exactly what you want.

A Round Up of Unlimited Graphic Design Companies

There are dozens of new unlimited graphic design companies launching every month and going through each option can take quite a bit of time. Below is a round-up of companies that appear to be the best unlimited graphic design service options. We have not used all of these options, however, using the criteria listed above, we have included only those which we believe are worth exploring.

Basic Design Types Offered

Nearly all of the design services profiled below will offer the same basic types of design. These include:

  • Logos
  • Branding
  • Social media graphics
  • Digital ad graphics
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • One page promo
  • Posters
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • T-shirt designs
  • Trifolds
  • Short ebooks

Designhill Tasks

Website Screenshot—Introducing unlimited graphic design service, Designhill Tasks.

On the Designhill homepage you are met with the option to run a graphic design contest but if you continue to search you will soon find the Designhill Tasks services – an unlimited graphic design service priced at $399 month.

Free Trial

Designhill offers a free trial which includes requesting one desk. It is unclear from their home page whether or not you’ll receive the source files or have licensing permissions to use this single design.

Design Hill Plan Features

The $399 monthly service represents their only package and includes the following features according to their website:

  • Unlimited design requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited brands
  • Daily output
  • A dedicated customer success team
  • A dedicated designer
  • Native Adobe files and source assets included
  • No contract. Cancel anytime.

Types of Unlimited Designs Offered at Design Hill

The Design Hill service will deliver a wide range of graphic types – all fairly standard among other competing services.

  • Blog Graphics
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Lead Magnets
  • PPC Ads
  • Slide Decks
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Covers & Mockups
  • Banners
  • Icons
  • Infographics
  • And more

Notable Missing Design Types

Their service covers all the basic types of designs – however, there are a few notable omissions that are available on other similar services at similar price points.

  • Logo Design
  • App Design
  • Web Page Design

How Projects Are Handled at Design Hill

It’s not clear exactly how project requests are handled with Design Hill. Their website explains ‘how it works’ as:

  • Add design requests — Add as many design requests to your queue as you want, anytime!
  • Get a dedicated designer — We’ll provide a “time quote” on each request and assign you a dedicated designer, who will start work on your request right away.
  • Get Work Done — We work through your queue as quickly as your plan allows.
  • Get Complete Ownership And Download High Quality Files — Get all the source files and complete copyright and ownership of your designs.

When trying to sign up for a free trial the form presented was a “Request a Design Consultation” and it wasn’t clear what we should expect going forward. It may be worth talking with their support to get any questions answered prior to starting.

Designhill Portfolio and Example Work

There is a decent amount of work displayed on the Design Hill landing page. You should be able to set a fairly decent expectation for what you can expect when working with their service.

 Designhill portfolio—T-shirt graphic, promotional items, stickers, google display ads.
Designhill doesn’t provide many examples of work produced through their unlimited graphic design service. They offer a scrolling slideshow with approximately 8 graphics.

Reviews from Happy Designhill Users

“Maintaining a design team for our clothing range was out of budget for us, so we researched & found Designhill’s Unlimited Graphics Design Service. The service is amazing and at a reasonable price.” — Sam_fertig

“From business card design to brochure design there were so many designs that we needed for our newly launched spa. Thanks to Designhill, at $399/month we got so many of our design needs fulfilled.” — Harold

“Designers, customer support and the process, all was just superb. At such an affordable price, we got all our graphic design requirements done. A big thank you from all our restaurant staff.” — Zul Arifianto

“We needed to promote heavily our new segment of second hand sedan cars. Thanks to Designhill’s unlimited graphic design service we were able to meet our design needs within our budget. The designs were of top quality.” — Jontun

Penji Unlimited Graphic Design

Website Screenshot—Unlimited graphic designs. One flat monthly rate, Penji.

The Campaign Donut team has actually used Penji and we can report that Penji original designs are decent. We ultimately stopped using Penji because the turnaround times began slipping further and further away from the promised 48 hours. We began expecting 3-4 days turnaround times on requests and revisions. There was one scenario where we waited 7 days for a revision.

After voicing our concerns multiple times with our assigned team leader, the times did not improve and the output quality decreased.

Still, as far as unlimited design services go, Penji was a better option than two of the other services we tried.

On their homepage they tout themselves as the “#1 Rated unlimited graphic design service” and display the logos of brands like Reebok, PepBoys, Famous Footwear, Cost Plus World Market, and Express.

You can sign up for Penji using our affiliate link here — if you use the promo code ‘LM1HWZ749214855’ you will get 25% off your first month.

Free Trial

There is no free trial with Penji, however, there is a 15-day money back guarantee. So you’ll need to pay for a month of service to try Penji, however, you can request a refund if it isn’t up to your standards.

Penji Plan Features

Penji offers two plans as well as a “Custom” option that is coming soon (though this has been the case for 6+ months at the time of this writing). The only difference in the plans is the number of design profiles and allowed active projects.

For one active project and one brand profile the monthly cost is $349 per month. For two active projects and unlimited brand profiles (think agency use) the cost is $648.

Each plan includes:

  • Unlimited design requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited stock photography
  • Web & app design
  • Dedicated designer
  • 15 days money back guarantee
  • No contracts, cancel anytime

We actually loved the design profile feature Penji offers. After signing up for your account you’re prompted to create a profile where you provide brand styling information for the Penji staff and includes the following fields:

  • Company Name
  • Profile Description (Company Description)
  • Industry
  • Website
  • Logo files — Upload all the versions and variations of your logos. Please also include vector Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop version if possible.
  • Marketing Materials — Upload as much of your marketing material as possible including brochures, flyers, pamphlets, billboard designs, car wraps, advertisements etc.
  • Images and Photos — Upload stock photos you typically use or photos of your office/staff/clients/work etc. These photos may be used in some of your design.
  • Brand colors

The design profile expedites the request process and ensures that your brand design is used when appropriate.

Types of Unlimited Designs Offered at Penji

Their service covers all the basic types of designs and includes more advanced design such as application design and website illustration and layout.

On the Penji website they categorize their designs as the following:

  • Logo & Branding
  • Promotional materials
  • Website & apps
  • Labels & packaging
  • Flyers & infographics
  • Custom illustrations

How Projects Are Handled at Penji

Having used Penji (and I, myself, have interacted with their process) we can report that their system for handling projects is top notch.

Penji has developed their own, what appears to be custom, online portal for submitting requests, viewing proofs, communicating with your designer, and managing all your projects. It’s very easy to use and very helpful.

They describe their process for individual users as following:

  • Create design project — Tell your designer exactly what you want to design. A designer will automatically be assigned and get started on your project.
  • Feedback & revisions — You’ll get your 1st draft within 48 hours for most projects. Not quite there yet? Leave revision notes using our Point and Click feature.
  • Approve and get files — Once you’re satisfied with one (or several) design submissions, click “APPROVE” and download your files immediately. Yep, that’s right—immediately.

Everything is handled within their interface and it’s very easy to navigate and get things done.

Regarding the “Approve and get files” right away, you can expect to download the non-source files right away. There are instances where you’ll be going back and forth on a design and the only files uploaded are single layer images. Once approved, you can use that file, however, we usually had to wait several hours to a full day to get source files.

Penji Portfolio and Example Work

While some unlimited graphic design service portfolios are limited with examples, Penji does a great job showing off their work. Penji was the first service we tried and we decided to pull the trigger based upon the quantity and quality of work displayed on their website.

Website Screenshot of portfolio examples—website design, logos, flyers, app interface.
Penji provides a thorough and comprehensive portfolio for browsing. You should be able to get a feel whether or not this is the service for you by looking through their examples.

Reviews from Happy Penji Users

“Penji delivers exactly what I need for my business! The communication platform is perfect for talking back and forth with designers and they usually nail my designs on the first try! Highly recommended!” — Carl

“Unbelievable communication to and from Penji which is an absolute must these days. I can appreciate a company doing things the right way, not just the easy way. Designs are top tier quality and the platform is beautiful, clean and easy to use. Excited to see where Penji can take my dreams and turn them into realities! Love the team and they are incredibly patient. You will get every dollar worth of investment to Penji, as I am a incredibly happy customer.” — Robert

“We used Penji to create some core pieces of promotional assets for our annual event, the PHL Innovation Picnic and they were wonderful to work with. The whole process from start to finish was easy to manage, quick turn around and great communication throughout. We were impressed by the design quality and ease of the platform. Highly recommend for those without in house design team.” — Nicole

“Penji is an awesome platform with extremely talented Staff. Logo design and a host of other services. I am very happy with the service and quality provided.” — Alfred

Graphics Zoo Unlimited Graphic Design Services

Website Screenshot—Unlimited graphic designs flat monthly rate, Graphics Zoo.

At the time of this writing, Graphics Zoo has invested in Facebook Ads and it caught my eye. I signed Campaign Donut up for Graphics Zoo to see how it compared with other unlimited graphic design experiences.

First impressions with Graphics Zoo are positive. Their website is modern, informative, and well designed. The portfolio page is well stocked and well organized with attractive designs that are, for the most part, quality. The signup page and pricing options are clear and easy to understand.

After signing up the first request was submitted. The request was for  4-6 templates we could use for social media. Three days later we received our design back and it was pretty underwhelming (especially given that it was 3 business days to receive the designs back).

 Website Screenshot—Client portal with interactive comment board.
Graphics Zoo allows you to make comments directly on your design, giving pinpoint accuracy to your comments.

The designer had, essentially, selected a photo and placed plain text on top of it. Very little design effort, especially considering we had uploaded examples of what we had hoped for.

Despite this, Graphics Zoo still shows signs of being a quality unlimited graphics design service and is worth a look.

Free Trial

Graphic Zoo does not offer a free trial, however like many other services, they offer a 14-day risk-free trial. When you sign up for an account, you have 14 days to decide whether or not you’d like to stay. When we went through the process of requesting a refund, they were very gracious and didn’t give us a hard time at all.

Graphics Zoo Plan Features

There are three published plans at Graphics Zoo: Starter Plan, Business Plan, Agency Plan.

The Starter Plan is a unique spin that is different than other services. Rather than unlimited graphic design, for $99 a month you receive 3 requests for that month and a turnaround time of 2 days. You can have 1 active request at a time, meaning, when request 1 is finished, request 2 will begin.

The Business Plan and Agency Plan are virtually identical. The only differences are with a business plan you get 2 active requests at a time while Agency Plan gives you 4 and the Agency Plan offers “White label” which allows you to use their platform to handle requests from your clients to their team. Pretty cool.

Features offered in both in Business Plan and Agency Plan include:

  • Share and Collaborate
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Quality Designers
  • Dedicated Support
  • Unlimited Free Stock Images
  • No Contracts
  • User Management
  • Email Requests

The Graphicz Zoo features page on their website goes into greater detail what each of these features actually means for the user.

Types of Unlimited Designs Offered at Graphics Zoo

Graphics Zoo offers what you would expect after exploring multiple unlimited graphic design services. Published on their website, you can request:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Web & Mobile UI / UX
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • Product Packaging
  • Print Collateral
  • Logo & Branding
  • T-Shirt Designs

Looking through their portfolio, they also featured custom icons & illustrations. There are no notable missing design types.

How Projects Are Handled at Graphics Zoo

Graphics Zoo offers two ways of handling requests: using a request portal that you sign into and also allowing you to email your requests in. For each request they use what they call their “Project Flow Technology” which is essentially a card system that features all your requests with a badge indicating the current status of that request.

 Website Screenshot — task portal card view.
Graphics Zoo has a very aesthetically pleasing project management portal that helps you see everything going on with your design including latest activity.

At the time we signed up for Graphics Zoo, they used a chat interface to manage comments. It was designed like a real-time chat box, which compelled me to want to type like I’m chatting, but there was minimal activity. The chat feature didn’t feel very effective.

Still, having a go-to portal makes it easy to see where your projects are at and what to expect next.

Emailing requests is exactly what it sounds like: sending an email. Here is what they have to say on their website:

Submit your requests via email and they will automatically get added to your dashboard. All you have to do is send an email to with the details of your project and let us handle it from there.

What matters most is if your designs will be delivered on time… as mentioned above, we waited from the 14th to the 17th for our first design.

Portfolio and Example Work

The Graphics Zoo portfolio is extensive and the designs appear to be of nice design quality. The portfolio is a very big reason why we gave it a try. The designs we received back were vastly different in terms of design than what they show on their portfolio.

Still, they clearly have capable designers based upon what they show on their website.

 Website Screenshot—Portfolio examples, social media image, t-shirt design, flyers, web advertisement, log design.
Graphics Zoo provides a variety of portfolio pieces to help you make your decision on whether or not their style will be a fit.

Reviews from Happy Graphics Zoo Customers

“I’ve been using Graphic Zoo for Marketing materials over the last 8 years with different companies for various projects. I have never been disappointed with their quality or service. They are super friendly, accommodating and almost always have my projects finished in advance of my requested deadline and they always look fantastic.” — Shawna

“Graphics Zoo has been amazing to work with for my graphic design needs. They are fast and the designs are always on point. They do a great job following directions I provide, and the design queue makes it easy for me to prioritize all my design jobs needed. Their service has become an invaluable resource for my company!” — Patrick

“I’ve been through dozens of design teams and none of which ever checked off all the boxes- price, turnaround time, consistency, and accuracy. I’m actually ‘wowed’ by this company and will have my loyalty for years to come from my circle. Highly recommend to anyone looking for design work. If you can visualize it then they can create it!” — Skylar

“I am so glad I found Graphics Zoo. Prior to signing up with you guys, I was struggling to find a decent designer and had to re-teach my business model each time I found someone. With you guys, I feel like I have my own personal in-house design team and no longer have to re-invent the wheel every single time I need a new design done.” — Timothy

Design Pickle Unlimited Graphic Design

 Website Screenshot—Hire a design pickle designer today, Design Pickle.

Design Pickle is the company to make unlimited graphic design an accessible service. Their successful marketing not only helped grow their business but also emboldened hundreds of other designs services to throw their hat in the ring for the share of customers looking for affordable graphic design.

Despite a lot of competition, Design Pickle still maintains an industry leader status and had worked hard to improve upon its marketing and service.

Free Trial

Like many other services, Design Pickle forgoes a free trial and in its place offers a 14-day guarantee. On their website they describe this as the following: All plans come with a 14-Day No Risk Guarantee. Love the service, find it a huge value for you and your business or you can get a 100% full refund for your initial membership fee.

Design Pickle Plan Features

There are two plans offered by Design Pickle, their Standard Plan and their Pro Plan.

Both plans include the following:

  • 14-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee
  • A Dedicated Professional Designer
  • Unlimited Requests
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Free Stock Photos (via Unsplash)
  • No Contract
  • Dedicated Support When You Need
  • Zapier Integration
  • Live Chat & Training

The Pro Plan includes quite a few more enticing features that we haven’t seen available in other services. These Pro features include:

  • Real-Time Collaboration via Slack
  • Same-Day Delivery
  • API Access
  • Increased Turnaround Times & Design Output
  • Expanded Design Scope:
  • Advanced Infographics and illustrations
  • Digital design and page layout
  • 2-3 second custom animated GIFs

The Real-Time Collaboration via Slack could be a huge win for a lot of business owners. One of the major issues with unlimited graphic design services is the revision process because it takes nearly 24-hours for each revision. With real-time collaboration, you can communicate exactly what you think to your designer as they’re making changes.

Increased Turnaround Times & Design Output definitely gives business owners who rely heavily on graphics something to think about and it may be worth starting with the Standard Plan to discover if Design Pickle will give you the quality you’re looking for and then moving to the Pro Plan as you decide to make the full commitment.

That Slack communication feature is very intriguing.

Types of Unlimited Designs Offered at Design Pickle

The experience of Design Pickle really shows in all of their material. As I was gathering information for this section of the article I found a support document created by Design Pickle Founder, Russ Perry, that outlines everything you can request with Design Picke. I was linked to this support article from the pricing page.

On the pricing page you’ll find the following FAQ:

Q: Can I design _______?

A: If you have a graphic design need, first ask yourself: Can I reasonably explain or show what I want? If the answer is yes – fantastic! Our scope of service is broad but firmly anchored in graphic design (for now). If you need motion graphics, copywriting or a latte, we, unfortunately, will come up short.  Click here to review our full scope of service.

Here is the list of services provided by Design Pickle:

  • Display ads
  • Print or digital brochures
  • T-shirt graphics
  • Trade show marketing materials
  • Facebook ad graphics
  • Instagram graphics
  • Google display ads
  • Social media quotes
  • Promotional items
  • Outdoor graphics
  • Stickers
  • Sales sheets
  • Event flyers
  • Email header graphics
  • Blog header graphics
  • “Hero” images for your website
  • Basic photo edits & manipulation
  • Knocking out backgrounds
  • Ecommerce graphics
  • Logo updates
  • Presentation graphics
  • Revising webpage mockup
  • Simple infographics
  • And many, many more types of requests

Here are more items you can create with a PRO plan:

  • 2-3 second GIF animations
  • Light website or landing page design (we do not code, just provide the design files)
  • Original branding and logos with a clear concept or direction
  • More advanced illustrations
  • More advanced infographics

The article summarizes the list by saying, “Remember: if you can explain your request, and it’s not on the list below, we’ll do our best to execute it.”

Design Pickle also does a good job specifying what they do not do. Their list includes the following:

  • Video or motion graphics
  • Extremely complex or fine art illustrations
  • Fillable or interactive PDF documents
  • Photoshop art or complex photo manipulation
  • 3D / CAD
  • HTML / CSS / UI / UX, mobile or app design
  • Programming/coding/development

This by far the most comprehensive breakdown of offered services provided by any of the companies offering unlimited graphic design.

How Projects Are Handled at Design Pickle

When you go to explore how the service works, Design Pickle offers a signup for a demo. You can choose from a live demo or a recorded demo. We watched the recorded demo which was presented by the founder and goes through everything you’d want to know.

Aside from this demo, there was no readily available information sharing how the service works. The video, though great, goes through a lot more than just “How does it work?” Fortunately, the video includes time stamps to tell you where to scroll in the video in order to watch what you want.

 Website Screenshot — Design Pickle demo video with Founder Russ Perry.
The founder of Design Pickle, Russ Perry, provides a very detailed demo video of what unlimited graphic design is and how Design Pickle works. Watch the demo here.

Portfolio and Example Work

When the Campaign Donut team was ‘interviewing’ unlimited graphic design services we looked at Design Pickle and ultimately decided against Design Pickle because, at that time, the website was underwhelming when it came to providing portfolio examples. As the primary decision maker for this choice, I was a bit surprised that the industry leader had so few examples of their work and the examples that were there were underwhelming.

That has changed.

At the time of this writing, Design Pickle has updated their portfolio to provide an almost overwhelming amount of design examples. Not only are there a greater number of portfolio examples, the designs as a whole are higher quality.

How they feature their work is very impressive and when we are in the market again for an unlimited graphic design service, we will definitely put Design Pickle at the top of the list.

 Website Screenshot—Real Work from Real Clients, Design Pickle Portfolio.
The Design Pickle website portfolio is exhaustive and provides a very good idea of what their designers are capable of.

Design Seed Co. Unlimited Graphic Design Service

 Website Screenshot—Unlimited Graphic Design with Design Seed Co.

Design Seed Co. is the service we ultimately chose to stick with for Campaign Donut. Our choice was influenced by two factors: the value for the price we pay and the quality of designs in their portfolio.

The entire web experience of Design Seed Co. is fairly underwhelming. However, at the time we were making our decision to switch from Penji to a different service most of the websites and portfolios resembled one another and none really stood out among the rest.

Free Trial

Design Seed Co. is different than any of the other services profiled in this article as they do not offer a free trial nor do they offer any sort of satisfaction guarantee. This may be a bit off putting for some users who are concerned about spending money, however, the low end design option is very affordable and may provide you with a workable solution in place of a guarantee or free trial.

It may also be worth reaching out to Design Seed Co. to inquire about any unlisted options to see if they can work with you in order to help you decide if their service is a right fit.

Design Seed Co. Plan Features

There are three plans offered through Design Seed Co. The Business and Enterprise plans contain the following features:

  • Unlimited Total number of Task
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Source file**
  • Up to 1~3 business days Turnaround
  • Resell Designs
  • No Contract/ Cancel anytime
  • Total number of BrandsUnlimited
  • Sales Web Landing Page Design
  • Basic Website Design (Up to 5 pages)
  • App Interface Design
  • Logo Design
  • Basic Brand Guideline
  • Package or Label Design
  • Marketing Material Design
  • T-Shirts Graphics
  • General Graphics Designs
  • Social Media Graphics (Up to 5 post graphics at a request)

The only difference between the Business and Enterprise plans is the number of tasks serviced at one time. Business is 2 simultaneous tasks and Enterprise offers 3.

The entry level plan offers 1 task at a time along with all the features above with a few exceptions:

  • No License to Resell Designs
  • No Basic Website Design
  • No App Interface Design
  • No Logo Design
  • No Basic Brand Guideline

If you are using the service explicitly for your own business (not as an agency) and do not need multiple designs at once or complex design, the entry level plan, Design Seed Co., may be a great fit.

Types of Unlimited Designs Offered at Design Seed Co.

Design Seed Co. provides nearly all of the types of design that you’d expect. On their website, they list the following in a grid design:

  • Print: Brochure, Poster, Catalog
  • Digital: Web design: Banner ads, eGift card design, Email design
  • Social Media: Social media cover design: Social media post, Social media ads, Blog post graphic
  • Branding: Logo design, Business card, Stationery, Email signature
  • Packaging: Label design, Price tag, Store POP display
  • Imaging: Edit white background, Product image, Lifestyle photo
  • Promotion: T-shirts graphic, Invitation, Promotional email, Certificate design
  • Presentation: PowerPoint template, Branded desktop wallpaper
  • Sales Item: Product sales cover, Sales flyer, Clean sales PPT deck
  • Restaurant: Signage, Menu design, Wall graphic, Digital menu design
  • Graphic: Infographic, Pattern graphic, Icon
  • Publication: Book cover, Magazine, Page layout design

As mentioned above, if you would like basic website design, app interface design, logo design, or basic brand guidelines, you’ll want to sign up for the Business or Enterprise plan.

In our experience, Design Seed Co. has been able to deliver any request we’ve made and has done a good job of providing designs that need little to no final touch-ups by our in house design staff.

How Projects Are Handled at Design Seed Co.

All aspects of each design tasked are handled through Design Seed Co’s task portal. When you sign up for an account you are given access to their branded portal which is where you will submit new projects, upload source or example files, carry on discussions with your designer, mark projects as approved and download source files.

 Website Screenshot—Client portal screenshot from Design Seed Co.
Design Seed Co. utilizes a special client portal to manage design tasks. It’s a very simple solution, not super elegant but gets the job done.

Whenever there is new activity inside the client portal bu your designer you will receive an email notification. You’ll receive notifications when you successfully create a project, when a designer has been assigned to your project, when a designer has begun work on your project, when a new comment has been made, and when a new file has been uploaded by Design Seed Co.

The emails do a good job of eliminating the need to continually check the website to see where your project is.

Portfolio and Example Work

What compelled us to try Design Seed Co. was the combination of value pricing plus the strength of the portfolio. If they could produce two tasks at one time and deliver designs consistent with their portfolio, it was worth the risk.

So far, we’ve been very happy.

Not everything we’ve received has been as clean as what we see on their portfolio page and there are some instances where it feels like certain designs are being phoned in, overall, we’ve been pleased with our designs.

 Website Screenshot—Design Seed Co. portfolio examples, product mockups, packaging, flyers, booklets, and social ads.
The Design Seed Co. portfolio is a very nice presentation of their work and really helps their offer standout from other similar companies and offers.

Additional Unlimited Graphic Design Services to Explore

It’s worth noting that there are far more services than what we’ve profiled above. Here is a list of additional services we discovered during our search.

Final Thoughts On Unlimited Graphic Design Services

By now you should feel more equipped to make a decision regarding which service is going to be right for you.

Before I signed up the Campaign Donut team for unlimited graphic design I felt a huge weight of, “I don’t want to get this wrong.” I didn’t want to waste money and, more importantly, I didn’t want to waste time.

In the end, the best way to discover which service is right for you is to sign up for the one that looks most promising based upon the factors that are most important to you. Here are a few ways to help set expectations for your first experience so that you don’t feel like you’re wasting time or money:

  • Commit to spending the money on a service and know that it may take signing up for two or three services before you find the one you want to stick with.
  • Have patience with your designer as he/she learns your likes, dislikes, and overall brand tone.
  • Request designs that you have time to collaborate on. Avoid making requests that need a 24-hour turn around.
  • Provide as many details as possible when making your requests and include examples of what you hope the end product will look like.
  • Be okay with moving on from a company when it just isn’t working out.

If you have any question about selecting the unlimited graphic design service that is right for you send us a message or leave a comment below. In some cases we may be able to provide a quick solution, in other cases we may redirect you to reach out to the individual services themselves for answers.

At the end of the day we want you to feel empowered to create great digital marketing content, so let us know if we can help!

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