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Media Gallery

Stop hunting for brand assets someone on your team created (and stored who knows where). With Campaign Donut, you can easily organize all of your logos, social media graphics, promotional banners, ad images, and more – all in one place!

Ad Network Starter Templates

Save time while ensuring you never miss a step. With the built-in ad network starter template, creating ads for Facebook and Google is as simple as filling in each of the pre-designed boxes!


HTML Code Copy

Worried about drafting your email on a different platform than you’ll ultimately send it? With Campaign Donut’s HTML Code Copy feature, you can easily copy/paste beautiful, fully formatted emails every time – to any email service provider that accepts HTML!

Public Share View

Need to share your campaign draft with a client, boss, coworker, or freelancer? With Campaign Donut’s Public Share View, you can easily share what you’re working on with anyone at any time (even if they don’t have an account).


The Data Doesn’t Lie


Marketers who stay organized are 674% more likely to report success than their less-organized peers.


Marketers who document their strategy are 414% more likely to report success than those who don’t.


Marketers who plan their campaigns in advance are 331% more likely to report success than those who don’t.


Marketers who use project management software are 426% more likely to report success than those who don’t.

Pick the Pricing Plan that Makes Sense for Your Needs

Solo Business

For individuals or marketing teams managing only one brand



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For marketing agencies and freelancers managing 2-5 brands



Limited Time Only!
Launch Pricing

Feature List

Unlimited Campaigns

Create a campaign for Black Friday, semi-annual sales, product launches, or any other marketing initiative! Unlimited campaigns with unlimited campaign content.

Email Broadcasts

Full featured rich text editor to draft every email in your sequence or campaign. Copy the raw HTML code to paste inside your email marketing service.

Website URLS

Save marketing web pages their specific campaigns for reference and one-click access. Also, leave comments related to the page as a reference for teammates.

Media Gallery

All your campaign graphics are stored within your brand media gallery. Find all your brand assets, campaign graphics, and photography in one place.


Campaign documents keep all your notes, lists, marketing copy, and campaign details organized together with the rest of your campaign content. 


Upload your PDFs, graphics, text files, documents, and any other marketing content to the corresponding campaign. All campaign docs in one place!

Ad Creative

Write headlines, descriptions, and ad messages using our pre-built network templates… and upload your ad media. Anyone can create without touching ad managers.

Social Media

Draft all of your campaign social media content and attach all of your supporting files. Easily copy your content paste into your social media scheduler.

User Accounts

Every paid accounts includes 25 user accounts. Choose to grant view only access or edit access. Managing multiple brands? All permissions are brand based. 

Test Emails

Want to see how your email will appear when sent? Want to allow a client to preview a message? Use the built-in email tester and send a copy to any email account. 

Public Sharing

Share an entire campaign or a single piece of content to anyone using Public Sharing URLs. Turn on and off access easily. Share your work with anyone, anytime.

Duplicate Campaign

Duplicate any campaign to preserve your original campaign while starting a second campaign with all of your content. A perfect solution for repeating campaigns.

Copy & Move Content

Make a copy of any content within a campaign and move it to a separate campaign. Never rewrite or recreate the content you use most.

Total Search

Easily search all of your campaigns to find any of your content quickly. Search all content or filter your search by a particular content type.

Share Between Brands

Move any of your marketing content from one brand and import it into a second brand account. Use your best content over and over regardless of brand.

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