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Creating all your content in one place makes marketing easier… and more fun!

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Marketing doesn’t have to be messy… and with Campaign Donut, it isn’t!

Simple Steps to Eliminate Content Chaos

Create Your Campaign

Promoting a new webinar? Sale? Course? Event? Start with a campaign. All of your content is sorted by individual campaigns. 

Add Your Content

Your emails, ad copy, files, documents, and more are all organized by content types. Everything is available to view on one page in a simple list view.

Content Types

Web URLs, Email Broadcasts, Reviews, Files, Social Media, Ad Creative, and Documents

Share With Others

Whatever you create inside Campaign Donut can be shared with anyone… even if they don’t have a Campaign Donut account!

Save and Reuse

Everything is saved, forever. Use past campaigns to create future campaigns! Copy whole campaigns or specific content.

Boom! You Can See Everything!

Promotional Graphics

You don’t have to hunt down marketing graphics. Assign your designs to one or many campaigns… and view everything in one media gallery view.

Ad network creative

Your creative people can create in Campaign Donuts and your managers can manage in ads managers. Campaign Donut connects the creator with the ads manager.

Email Broadcasts

Write, refine, and finalize every email… and then copy and paste into your email marketing service — WITHOUT losing your formatting. See the whole sequence in one view.

Notes and Docs

Notes? Doc? Text? Notepad? Nope… you wrote everything down in Campaign Donut and it’s there waiting for you and your entire team! There’s room for ideas, copy… everything!

Reviews & Testimonials

All those golden emails, text message screenshots, social reviews, and feel-good notes are inside Campaign Donut… and attached to the appropriate campaigns! Smart.

Website Links

Sales pages… thank you pages… watch pages… any webpage you use in your campaign can be added to Campaign Donut making everything in your campaign one-click away!

Social Media

When you need to locate that post from last year instead of scrolling months of content you can load the campaign and find every single social media post, ready to edit and reuse! 

Files & External Files

Even things you don’t create or store inside of Campaign Donut can still live within Campaign Donut! Create references to videos, docs, and any files that live elsewhere.

Share Everything

Need to share a campaign with a client, boss, coworker, or freelancer? Public Share View makes it easy to share your work with anyone (even if they don’t have an account).

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