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Unleashed Summit is a one-day virtual event for individuals tasked with marketing products and services in the online world. If you sell online, this event will help you get results and achieve sales goals.

January 27, 2021

Burned out on boring presentations? Us too.

Yes, the event is online. No, it’s not a glorified Zoom call. What makes Unleashed Summit different? Short sessions, Practical training, and on-demand format.

Short Sessions

Time is the one thing you can’t get more of. So we want to make the most of it! Unleashed Summit sessions are short and to the point. Capture the big idea and create a plan for action!

Action Focused

This isn’t ‘motivation’ — this is all about action. Motivation may change your mindset but action will change your life and every session is filled with practical and actionable instruction.

On Demand*

This is a live experience with the convenience of on demand access. Choose which sessions you want to watch and access on demand within their *availability window. You won’t have to sit through sessions you’re not interested in just to catch the sessions you want!

Unleash A Future of Profit and Success

Whether “selling online” is in your job description or not, your future depends on convincing strangers what you’re selling is what they need. 

You’re looking for new ways to reach your audience and Unleashed Summit is where you will discovers strategies that have worked for others and can work for you too!

Featured Speakers

Meet the leaders who will help you profit in 2021!

Deborah Gilboa, MD — Ask Doctor G Headshop

Deborah Gilboa, MD

Ask Doctor G
Brian Fanzo, iSocialFanz, Marketing for the Future

Brian Fanzo


Dustin Stout

Shannon McKain

Shannon McKain

Shannon McKain, LLC

Bart Anestin

Creative Partner Studio

Dave Shrein

The Blocks Agency
Matt McWilliams Affiliate Marketing Expert

Matt McWilliam

Matt McWilliams Consulting, Inc.

Wes Gay


Barak Shachnovitz

Sherri Jones, Sherri Jones Media Group

Sherri Jones

Sherri Jones Media Group
Brianna Anderson

Brianna Anderson

BEAST Analytics

Jordan Duba

Knuckle Nobility
Laura Howe Unleashed Summit

Laura Howe

Hope Made Strong
Hope Made Strong

Adam McLaughlin

Trust Marketing Agency

Adrienne Barnes

ANB B2B SaaS Content Marketing and Consulting
Ryan Bilello

Ryan Bilello

Hello Sneakers

Shawn Zajas


Deborah Ike

Velocity Ministry Management LLC

Danielle Morgan

Carlos Sandoval

Marketing Operations Director
The Blocks Agency

A Summit That Doesn't Disappoint

Attending a virtual summit should be fun and easy! Not predictable and frustrating. Here is what people have said about Unleashed Summit.

Event Details


Join us for the 2nd Unleashed Summit Wednesday, January 27, 2021 @ 9AM PST.


This is a 100% online event. Watch each presentation wherever you are!


Registration is absolutely free! All you need to do is sign up for your ticket.


Lifetime Access is available for purchase so you can watch any session, any time.

What is Unleashed Summit 2021?

Unleashed Summit is a one-day virtual event for individuals tasked with marketing products and services in the online world. Content marketers, e-commerce marketers, online sales people, and digital marketers — if you have something to sell online, Unleashed Summit is an online event designed to help you get results and achieve your sales goals.

When is Unleashed Summit 2021?

Unleashed Summit happens Wednesday, January 27 @ 10AM PDT. 

How do I access the Summit the day of?

First, you must register. The morning of the Summit, prior to AM PST, you will receive an email with a link to the Summit live page. From the live page you will have access to a collection of sessions with more sessions being released at the top of every hour.

Is this a live event or pre-recorded sessions?

Both! The summit delivers the dependability and top-shelf experience of pre-recorded sessions with the in-the-moment nature of a live event. PLUS, you won’t have to sit through dozens of sessions to watch the sessions you’re most interested in. We batch release new sessions every hour so you can choose which ones are most appealing to you!

Can I access sessions on demand after the event?

Yes! The Summit is 100% free. For those who would like to have access to content after the event, Lifetime Access is available for purchase. You will have unlimited access to the entire summit event and can share with anyone within your company.

Discover Your Plan to Profit

Join us for Unleashed Summit and discover your plan to profit in 2021!

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Unleashed Summit 2021

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