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10 Examples of Great Sales Landing Pages

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You are ready to create your sales page – where to start?

There is nothing wrong with looking at what others have done to inspire your next move and below you’ll find 10 examples of great sales landing pages.

Each page contains strong sales copywriting, clear on-page call-to-action examples, and strong visuals that sell the products beyond words.

1. Drip – Email Marketing Automation

Screenshot of Drip Email Marketing Software - great sales landing pages

Drip is a modern email marketing service that offers complex email marketing automation in simple and easy-to-understand platform.

The Drip homepage features Drip’s strong brand imagery. Their tag line is “See your customers in full color” and color is a strong theme throughout the page.

There are two primary calls-to-action that Drip leans on: “Join Drip Free” and “Get a Demo”. There are two locations for “Join Drip Free” and two locations for “Get a Demo” giving equal billing to both.

There is actually a third location where “Get a Demo” is an option, the upper right hand corner of the menu. This option appears on every page next to Login which prompts individuals who do not have an account to “Join Drip Free”.


2. Help Scout – Customer Service Software

Screenshot of Help Scout's Customer Service Software - great sales landing pages

Help Scout is a customer service software that provides support teams with a shared inbox, support article knowledge-base, live chat functionality, as well as additional customer service features.

The Help Scout homepage features a very simple and short sample of information and leans heavily on simple, clean design. Their dependence on illustration design shows up at the top of their website in their hero image and at the bottom of their website just above the footer.

Help Scout customer service software footer illustration - great sales landing pages

There are two primary call-to-action options: “Free 15-day Trial” and “Watch a Demo”. The “Free 15-day Trial” option appears twice and an alternative option of “Sign Up” appears once. The “Watch a Demo” option appears twice on the homepage as well.

There are several secondary call-to-action options. There is a “Meet Our Customers” option which leads to an extensive catalog of case studies as well as testimonials and customer logo gallery.

A fourth call-to-action is a “Try the Company Plan CTA” which is targeted to businesses with more than 25 people on their customer service team.


3. Buffer – Social Media Management Platform

Screenshot of Buffer Social Media Management Platform - great sales landing pages

Buffer is a social media management platform that allows you to plan and schedule social media content across multiple networks and profiles.

The Buffer homepage is clean and minimalistic, relying on injections of color and illustration to come nearly 100% through screenshots of their software in action.

Across the entire homepage, there is a single primary call-to-action: “Get Started for Free” – a nod to Buffer’s free plan. This CTA appears in three locations on the homepage – above the fold, below the alternating screenshots, and then just above the footer.

Buffer sales page - case study design
In addition to their primary call-to-action, Get Started for Free, Buffer includes links on their homepage to read case studies of companies already using their product.

In addition to the primary call-to-action, their landing page also identifies that Buffer has a business plan via a “Try Buffer for Business” option in their main menu.

After a rundown of software features and benefits, you’ll see a secondary CTA to view information on their newest feature. Continuing below that, a gallery of case studies, each presented as a card with the name of the company, brief description, and a link to read the case study.


4. ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing Automation and Small Business CRM

Screenshot of ActiveCampaign Great Sales Landing Page

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing automation platform that has a built in small business sales CRM as well as personalized messaging services.

The ActiveCampaign home page relies heavily on text to communicate the functionality and benefits of its service. A wide range of colors are used across the entirety of the page and they use outlined icons consistently below the fold.

On the ActiveCampaign homepage the single call-to-action is to Start your free trial: 3 CTAs with accompanying email input fields and 2 CTAs which redirect to a second page.

Across the homepage there is one single call-to-action: “Start your free trial”. The call-to-action layout alternates between a button with accompanying email address field and a button-only option which jumps to a registration page.


5. Intercom – Business Messenger with Live Chat and Custom Bots

Screenshot of Intercom Business Messenger Great Sales Landing Pages

Intercom is the leader in online business messenger and customer communication platform. Intercom allows you to chat live with website visitors, push messages to users, and communicate via email to all subscribers. It works on websites as well as inside various apps.

Intercom’s homepage is very festive and incorporates 3D icons throughout the page – both in the background as well as the foreground. The celebratory vibe is an extension of the homepage hero copy – “The Business Messenger, reimagined.”

The primary call-to-action is: “Get Started” (accompanied by email form field). You’ll see this call-to-action in the sticky header, above the fold, and just above the footer at the bottom of the page.

Intercom uses the “Get Started” CTA as their primary driver – throughout the page they also include links to learn more about specific features and benefits of their platform.

Throughout the page there are additional CTAs that coincide with the explanation of Intercom’s benefits and features.

Lastly, Intercom adds a small button to “Watch Video” which is an additional CTA and there is a final CTA to “Learn More” about the platform at large.

6. Drift – Conversation Marketing Platform

Screenshot of Drift Conversation Marketing Platform homepage

Drift adds live chat and automated chat bot functionality to any website, helping you to bypass the traditional sales cycle and convert leads to customers more immediately. The Drift homepage utilizes a single, center-column design where all information is presented in a single, linear design.

There is a one primary on-page call-to-action alongside email form box: “Get Free Account”. In addition to the above the fold “Get Free Account” CTA and the second location of above the footer, there is a “Get Free Account” header button.

You’ll find the “Get Free Account” CTA above the fold and just above the footer – in between you’ll find additional CTAs such as these two – Watch Video and Learn More

In between the “Get Free Account” CTA options you’ll find several contextual additional CTAs: “View All Case Studies”, “Watch Video”, and “Learn More”.


7. Wistia – Video Software for Business

Wistia Video Software for Business Homepage Screenshot

Wistia is an online video service that provides business caliber hosting and playback for your most important videos. In addition to reliable hosting and high quality video playback, Wistia also provides unparalleled video statistics to help you make better decisions about your videos, products, and services.

The Wistia homepage is fairly simple – one section above the fold, one section below the fold, along with a header and footer. That said, the above the fold section is clean and clear of distractions – featuring a small video and a simple headline, “Video software for video-loving businesses” paired with a “Watch video” call-to-action.

In the header menu you’ll find the single “Sign Up” call-to-action on the entire page. There are three color boxes below the video, visible as you slightly scroll down – however, the call-to-action buttons are outlined and difficult to spot. You’ll see the first and second column with a CTA of “Start for free” and the third button depicting “Explore and learn.”

Wistia homepage screenshot - below the fold.
As you scroll down, two “Start for free” CTAs appear as outlined buttons inside of the full color columns.

Below the three color columns are client logos followed by three “announcement-style” items which feature arbitrary features and news as related to Wistia.


8. Ahrefs – SEO Tools & Resources to Grow Traffic

Homepages Screenshot of Ahrefs SEO Tools and Resources

Ahrefs is an SEO research and statistics company that provides insights into specific web search terms as well as specific website rankings and individual factors.

The Ahrefs homepage is dark, featuring their brand’s blue color – A single column with a main headline, subtext, and then the main call-to-action – “Start 7-day trial for $7”.

Below the CTA is a series of logos – possibly companies who use their tools – and then a screen shot of their website tool. As you scroll down, you discover a lot of content explaining the benefits of each tool and how it helps you. Continue scrolling and you’ll find several testimonials of varying lengths and just above the footer a second CTA showing “Start 7-day trial for $7”.

Moving all the way back to the top of the page, in the main header menu there is an outline button for the standard CTA, “Start 7-day trial for $7”.


9. DashThis – Automated Reporting for Marketing Data

Screenshot of DashThis sales landing page

DashThis is a report dashboard service that connects to mainstream marketing tools and services – Google analytics, Facebook, Facebook Ads Manager, MailChimp – to create regular reports on company key performance indicators (KPIs).

The DashThis homepage features a call-to-action of “TRY IT FREE” with accompanying email form field. Throughout the rest of the page, there are three additional CTA buttons featuring the text:

  • Automate Your Reports Today
  • Start Your Free Trial
  • Try DashThis

In the main header there is an addition CTA button labeled “TRY IT FREE”.

Immediately below the fold is a list of clients followed by alternating image/descriptions for specific features and benefits of the platform.


10. Proof – Website Conversion Social Proof

Sales Landing Page screenshot for Proof

Proof installs a small widget on your website that provides real-time statistics to visitors related to specific conversions and website activity – all configured to suit your metrics and language.

On the Proof website, there is a single call-to-action prompting users to “Watch an instant demo” which redirects to a single question survey and then redirects to a two-column registration page. This same CTA, “Watch an instant demo” three additional time below the fold as well as a dynamic appearing CTA in the sticky header as you scroll down.

At the bottom of the page, just above the footer, there is a two-column CTA area. In the first column you’ll find the only free trial CTA, “Try Proof 14 days free”, and the second CTA which points to the demo, “Watch demo”.

Proof free trial call-to-action just above the fold - great sales landing page.
The only free trial/registration option on the Proof website is located at the bottom of the sales page, just above the footer.

In between the top of the page and the bottom of the page you’ll find the following elements:

  • Customer brand logos
  • Primary benefits
  • Testimonials
  • Individual features with alternating images

The final element worth mentioning is the left banner which is a constant fixed position throughout the entire page and features an active Proof widget as a real-time illustration of the product.


11. Casper — Mattresses

Casper is a company playing a part in the war on traditional mattresses and mattress retailers. They offer online mattress sales as well as an in store buying experience.

The Casper home page differs from SaaS products and is more in line with what you may find from traditional retailers. On the day we wrote this review, Casper was featuring a 48 hour sale to coincide with other summer sales around the internet.

Minus the sale image above the fold, the remainder of the sales page features strong Casper branding using custom branded icons, the Casper primary blue shaded color, as well as images edited with the blue hue and text in one of the pre-selected Casper brand fonts.

Being a more traditional storefront, Casper still does a good job of featuring one primary call-to-action: Shop. There is a “Shop the mattresses” button at the top, above the fold, two “Shop Now” buttons just below the fold hovered over two images, a third “Shop the mattresses” button just under a string of Casper feature icons, and a “Meet the mattresses” button at the bottom of the page.

Throughout the page there are two CTAs to watch two separate videos as well as links to two separate morning show feature articles.


12. Betterment — Online Investment Platform and Financial Advisor

Betterment is an online financial advisor to help new investors, hands-off investors, and hands-on investors through their online investment platform.

The Betterment landing page has a myriad of CTAs, but does focus in on one primary CTA throughout the page. The one consistent CTA is a “Get Started” option that is available in the menu bar, just under the hero copy, and at the very bottom of the website, just above the footer.

Additional CTAs featured on the site include one to “Watch our video”, an invitation to “Log in” in the menu, a link to the “How it Works” page, and hyperlinked text throughout the entire page.

Finally, there is a “Right for every type of investor” homepage option (featured in the image above) which allows you to identify what type of investor you are and click on the option. From there, details appear below corresponding to the selection you made.


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