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Podcast Audiograms

Written by Chariss Saindon

Best Podcast Audiogram Examples and App Recommendations

Let’s talk audiograms! More specifically, the best podcast audiogram examples!

Have you seen those enticing posts on social media, featuring images from a podcast creator you follow? They usually look like a video or reel with an audio wave graphic and a snippet of a podcast episode.

They’re called podcast audiograms!

An audiogram is a graphic that can be used on social media and elsewhere to promote your podcast. These images are usually simple, fun, and easy to create—and they’re another tool in the arsenal of great content creation strategies.

In this article, we’ll go over what an audiogram is, how to make one, which apps you can use, and why audiograms are a smart content creation strategy for social media.

What Is An Audiogram?

A podcast audiogram is a visual representation of a short audio clip from a podcast. There are a lot of podcast networks popping up all over the web and they are bringing with them an influx of audiograms simply because they provide a lot of benefits for podcasters.

Audiograms are eye-catching. When it comes to images, a picture paints a thousand words, but when it comes to audio files, the possibilities are endless! As audiograms are naturally more engaging than static images or text posts, they’ll attract people who wouldn’t necessarily click on links. 

There will be more people hearing about your podcast and making a decision about whether or not they want to listen to it.

Here’s an example of an audiogram from “The Donut Shop Online Marketing Podcast”. 

Why You Should Use Podcast Audiograms In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Creating podcast audiograms provides a helpful tool for listeners to retain the information they hear. In addition, audiograms for podcasts give you another way to connect with potential new podcast subscribers. If they haven’t listened to your podcast yet, fans will be more likely to check out your podcast and audio content after seeing an audiogram featured on your social media feeds.

Podcast audiograms can be a really helpful way to deliver information, whether you’re providing a message to your audience or just sharing a lively conversation. You’ll be able to provide short poignant clips that deliver value from an episode without needing to listen to the entire episode. Your audience will be able to read the content rather than listening, which is more accessible and also accounts for those that scroll social without their volume on. 

Podcast audiograms are a way to brand your podcast – people think you cannot see audio, but they’re wrong. Audio is represented by what are known as waveforms and waveforms visually represent what you’re hearing. They’re a bit boring on their own but when you surround them with the colors, logo, and even faces of your podcast, the audio comes to life.

Add words and you’ve done what some thought was impossible… make audio visual.

Audiograms are short clips of audio that can be used to promote podcasts, share episodes on social media, and more. They don’t have to be very long; in fact, they’re often just quick snippets. It is also possible to design audiograms in a way that suits the style and theme of your podcast. 

For instance, here are three audiogram templates from the Ministry Pass Podcast Network ready to be shared!

An audiogram might contain sound effects like a crash, a chime, or musical interludes in the background that are. An example of this could be sounds from a new smartphone or tablet application if, for example, your series is about how people use technology every day.

Turn Podcast Audio Into Video Clips to Capture Attention

The entrepreneurs who are doing this well are ahead of the curve, getting a boost in their listener count, and a bump in their replay analytics. It can be difficult to market and promote your podcast if it’s only an audio file, so creating a visual form of the podcast content is key.

Visual content is key on social media because it helps to capture people’s attention. By creating a visual representation of your podcast, you make it easier for people to understand and engage with the content. Additionally, you’ll be able to grow traction using things like Instagram stories and Reels, as well as TikTok, channels that do not post raw audio podcast content. 

Podcast audiograms can be a very effective way to deliver information about your product or service in an easily digestible format that makes it easier for people to find what they need quickly—and more importantly: remember where they found it!

Best Examples of Podcast Audiograms for Social Media

To help get you started with creating interesting audiogram videos for your own podcasts, we’ve collected lots of helpful examples in this article. These audiogram examples are meant to give you some inspiration and ideas about what is possible.

Truthfully, there are a lot of bad audiograms out there and finding a list of audiogram designs that do this shareable content justice has been pretty difficult to do. That said, we feel good about the list we’ve compiled below and we believe you’ll be inspired to create designs that are elegant and simple for your brand.

Here are some of the most influential people to follow on social media that use audiograms as a part of their content creation strategy:

Fully Free with Taylor Lee

Taylor Lee from Fully Free with Taylor Lee uses her audiogram as a way to engage listeners and connect with them on social media. This podcast is from coach Taylor Lee who focuses on business for women. Her audiograms mainly show up in Facebook or Instagram Stories and are varied over time.

David Tennant Does A Podcast With…

David Tennant is a Scottish actor who has starred in many television series, including Doctor Who, Broadchurch, and Jessica Jones. His podcast uses audiograms on social media to promote his conversations with his guests.

Podcast But Outside

Podcast But Outside used this clever audiogram over video of their interview about divorce with a woman on a street corner.

When we talk about audiograms we typically mean a wave pattern displayed over a static image, but technically you could leverage video of your podcast as ‘audiogram like’ content.

Bloomberg Podcasts

Bloomberg Podcasts use audiograms to promote lots of their episodes. This podcast audiogram from their show Odd Lots uses graphics to convey their points, featuring photos of two of their hosts.

The High Tea Podcast

The High Tea podcast used an image of headphones behind their show logo for this audiogram, which is featured on Twitter!

The Nerdette Podcast

The Nerdette Podcast shared this on-topic graphic for their episode on mask wearing indoors during the pandemic. They also use captions at the bottom of this audiogram, shared on Twitter.

The Art of Charm Podcast

The Art of Charm podcast creators used this graphic on Twitter for their podcast audiogram. With a video of the episode creation as the background and the title of the episode at the top, it would be easy for someone who isn’t a regular listener to find other episodes if they needed.

This is another example of using video footage from your podcast in your clip.

Change Makers Podcast

Change Makers used an audio waveform with some static images in the background. One image features their guest, and the other is their podcast show graphic.

Defining Moments of Leadership with Marsha Acker

Marsha Acker, on her podcast, Defining Moments of Leadership with Marsha Acker, used an audiogram to share a crucial point from her conversation with her guest in this episode, Christopher Curley.

Humans Being with Kirk Whalum

Humans Being host Kirk Whalum shared this podcast audiogram on his Instagram.

Reset with Raven

Reset with Raven host Raven M. Harris created a podcast audiogram to share on her Instagram, featuring her guest and an audio wave.

Screens in Focus Podcast

On the Instagram feed for the Screens in Focus podcast, you’ll find an audiogram talking about the episode’s subject matter – in this case, a specific episode of The Walking Dead.

We Read It One Night

A podcast in the romance literature space, We Read It One Night, shared this audiogram of their podcast on Instagram.

Smartless Podcast

The Smartless podcast featured their interview with actress Cate Blanchett through their social media, and posted this audiogram to Instagram.

The Human Design Podcast

Emma Dunwoody, a podcast content creator, shared this audiogram from her podcast in a vertical video format, with an audio wave and some background music.

Soul Yes Podcast

Soul Yes with Alexandria Maria features a vertical layout with the host’s picture as well as an audio wave at the bottom.

Wellness and Wisdom Podcast

Wellness and Wisdom features some text based information that matches the key points in this episode, shared on Instagram.

Applications for Creating Podcast Audiograms from Free to Paid

There are lots of easy drag-and-drop creators if you’re creating your first podcast audiogram. Depending on how much time you want to spend designing your visuals, you have options.

There are many podcast audiogram creation apps from free to paid. If you want to spend money on your first audiogram, there are plenty of options out there. There are also easy drag-and-drop creators for those who aren’t into the technical side of things.

If this is your first time making an audiogram, try a free tool and see what it’s like. Decide how much time you wish to spend on creating this visual and make sure it fits into your schedule!

Create Your Own Audiogram Videos with Free Creator Apps

While there are many platforms that allow your audience to listen to podcasts directly from the audio player, audiograms offer a way for podcast creators to share short clips of their podcasts on social media, providing another way to develop brand awareness and allow potential subscribers to listen in without committing to an entire podcast episode.

Audiograms are visually enticing, simple to create, and easily shared… and on social media platforms that prioritize video, they offer a huge algorithm advantage over quote graphics or episode covers.

There are plenty of audiogram creator apps that are free to use and offer basic visual settings. If you prefer to have more control over the look and feel of your audiogram, there are also audiogram creator apps that let you customize every element. This comes at the cost of your time or the time of your team if they’re making them for you. 

You can create audiograms in minutes with the following elements:

  • MP3 of your audio clip
  • Your podcast or company logo (preferably a transparent PNG)
  • An established color palette.

The result of using podcast audiograms? A smart collection of video content and efficient use of your time and podcast collateral. 

If you don’t know how to make an audiogram, don’t worry! It’s super easy. You just need a few minutes, a desire to learn, and podcast content… oh, a computer, too. Even if you don’t have a podcast, you can still create an audiogram with any type of audio source.

Audiogram: Turn Audio Into Engaging Social Video

Audiogram is a program that turns audio into videos that can be shared on social media. It automatically transcribes captions making adding captions a breeze. It has a library of visually striking attention-grabbing templates that are always on-brand. The templates Audiogram offers are in all shapes and sizes for reaching new listeners everywhere.

Recast: Convert Podcast to Audiogram Video & Promote On Social Media

Recast makes it easy to create audiogram podcast videos in all formats. Businesses and professionals who want to create engaging video content for social media can use Recast easily. With options like text customization and complete branding control, your audiograms can match your social media feed’s aesthetic.


Headliner is a program that helps you make videos to promote your podcast. You can add animations, captions, gifs, videos, and images to your videos, and then export and share them across your social accounts. It allows users to create unlimited videos for free and is optimized to promote podcasts on every social media platform. Headliner also has transcription capabilities that automatically caption videos. This makes it an ideal tool for podcast creators who want to reach a wider audience by providing captions with extra accessibility. 

Descript: All-in-one audio & video editing, as easy as a doc.

Descript is an all-in-one audio and video editing tool that is as easy to use as a word processor. It has powerful transcription and screen recording features. It offers social video publishing and audiogram creation easily from its platform. 

Descript is what we use to create audiograms for The Donut Shop Online Marketing Podcast.

Descript is by far the most customizable audiogram creator by way of simple programs to operate. Yes, you could open up apps like Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro X and find ways to bring to life a more customized design, but that involves an entirely different set of skills to complete. 

If you’re just starting out, the prospect of using such a robust software can be daunting. Starting with an app that is just as capable but easier to use, like Descript, is a great way to hone your skills and also start promoting your podcast with audiograms. 

Descript has long offered an audiogram generator feature in their downloadable desktop app. It allowed you to cycle through a fairly large collection of design options while still locking you into a small collection of design layouts.

This is no longer the case.

In the video below you can see just how much functionality Descript has built into their app and after watching you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not this is the type of featureset you’re looking for.

Increase Podcast Subscribers by Posting Podcast Audiogram Clips On Social Media

As a podcaster, you’re probably already aware of the importance of social media. Networks like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook all have users that would be a perfect listener base for your podcast. If you have a podcast, making an audiogram for each social network is a great way to share your podcast in a unique way to each audience. 

Social media networks are not just a place to post your latest episode; they’re where you can grow your listener base and build your brand. This is exactly where audiograms come in.

Once you’ve created your audiogram(s), all that’s left is posting them on social media! Just remember: don’t put too many out at once—you want people to be able to see each individual post without scrolling through tons of other posts first.

Creating Podcast Audiograms As Part of A Social Media Strategy

Audiograms are a smart part of a content creation strategy to build authority and community around your brand, your social media, and your podcast.

  • Upload your audiogram video to social media. Videos perform very well with organic reach. 
  • Your podcast will now appear as a video in the network feed and users can get a taste of what your entire podcast is all about.
  • More people consuming samples of what you have to offer will translate into ideal listeners finding the full episode.
  • All of this equals more subscribers!

In order for your content creation strategy to work effectively, you need to plan your social media posts in advance. If you batch create your posts and write them in advance to post on a schedule, you’ve freed yourself up from needing to post in the moment. 

If you encounter existing followers on social media, this can be beneficial as well. They may interact with your content the next time via social media, and not realize that you’ve released a new podcast episode. The podcast audiogram post on social media can serve as a reminder for them to listen to your newest episode. 

For a podcaster, it helps give your prior episodes a little more traction after they’ve had their initial listener spike in your analytics and the traffic has died down. It can help you re-use content you’ve already created. This is an easy way to “pad” your social media posts with easy content to choose from. You won’t have to start every post from scratch because you’re working smarter, not harder. 

By enticing your community and followers, you can highlight the meaningful conversations you’re having on your podcast. This strategy helps you make use of the content you’ve already created. 

Saving and Organizing Your Podcast Audiograms with Your Other Content Marketing Materials

Campaign Donut is an amazing resource for housing all of your marketing collateral, like audiograms and podcast files. Not only can you store your data, you can email your listeners and your subscribers right from our platform. With each email, graphic, audio file, social sharing image, and more organized neatly, you save time every time you work on your marketing.

Repurpose Podcast Audio to Make Full Use of Your Content

If there’s a past episode with content that would be relevant to your social media following in the coming month, make an audiogram from some key parts of your podcast audio. Then, queue that podcast audiogram (using Campaign Donut) onto your social media channels. 

Audiograms are a great way to drum up excitement for news podcasts episodes while leveraging great content from past episodes as marketing material.

Audiograms aren’t just for Podcast episodes… you can use them however you see fit! For instance… If you’re intending to be away from social media for a while (like on vacation), create an audiogram that tells people when they can expect to hear from you again—and then post an audiogram when you return. This will let them know that you are back and ready to take on business.

Podcast audiograms are an essential part of your marketing and should be included in your overall strategy for growth.

A well-planned podcast audiogram is an important part of your podcast strategy if you are looking to increase your social media presence. In addition to engaging listeners, it adds an additional level of exclusivity and personalization, which makes them feel like they’re part of something extra-special. 

You’ll have better engagement, they’ll want to share this experience with their friends, and most importantly, they’ll become more invested in your brand.

There is no shortage of podcast audiogram tools out there, and it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. In this article, we have highlighted some great examples to inspire you, and the apps we recommend are waiting for you to download so you can get started right away! 

Create your first audiogram and tag us when you post it! We’d love to see what you create!

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