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Best Podcast Audiogram Examples and App Recommendations

Podcast Audiograms, Social Sharing Image, Campaign Donut

Let’s talk audiograms! More specifically, the best podcast audiogram examples! Have you seen those enticing posts on social media, featuring images from a podcast creator you follow? They usually look like a video or reel with an audio wave graphic and a snippet of a podcast episode. They’re called podcast audiograms! An audiogram is a […]

URL Shortener — A Roundup and Review of Services

URL Shortening Services, A roundup for Best Options, Campaign Donut

Links can get pretty ugly and the last thing you need for your business is to connect your beautiful, well-crafted, protected brand image along side a nasty, 230 character URL. That’s where URL shortener services come in handy. There’s a good chance you’ve seen URL shortener services in action — and not even realized it. […]

How to Locate ClickFunnels Funnel ID & Step ID

There may be a number of reasons why you might need to locate your ClickFunnels ID and your ClickFunnels Funnel Step ID. These IDs help you integrate ClickFunnels with webhooks as well as automation programs like Zapier and Integromat. Here are instructions how to locate your ClickFunnels Funnel ID and ClickFunnels Funnel Step ID. Log […]

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